Zeitgeist Operations

Zeitgeist is a laboratory for building crypto-native products, protocols, and public goods. We are building with projects like 0xSplits, Sound.xyz, and Coordinape and folks like Adrian, Nitya, and Raymond, and have the support of experienced engineers/operators in the Ethereum ecosystem like 0age, Santiago Palladino, and Sina Habibian.
To learn more about Zeitgeist and some of the builders in the community, you can listen to Sina’s podcast conversations with Tracheopteryx who is building Coordinape, David/Matt/Vignesh who are building Sound.xyz, and 0age who is building Seaport at OpenSea. You can also checkout Zeitgeist on Twitter and review the newsletter for previous updates.

About the role

You will work closely with Sina to build out Zeitgeist operations, with a particular focus on the following:
  • Taking new projects from zero to one - eg establishing the infrastructure for Zeitgeist grants and building the Zeitgeist forum.
  • Driving the design and cadence of Zeitgeist programs - including how we run applications, onboard contributors, and build together as a group.
  • Organizing events for the ZG community - we've previously come together for multi-day offsites in NYC, Amsterdam, and Bogota, and will be doing more going forward.

About you

  • You have existing operations experience, and can design/drive complex projects from beginning to end.
  • You communicate clearly/concisely and enjoy working with people. This role involves interfacing with others in the community, and will provide opportunities for collaborating with other organizations in the ecosystem.
  • You are adaptable and thrive in a changing environment. Zeitgeist is in an early stage meaning that we consistently experiment and iterate. You introduce structure where it's helpful, while also giving space to new initiatives to organically evolve.
  • You move fast. You are resourceful and proactively look for ways to tighten feedback loops - for instance, by using different tools to automate regular tasks.
  • You are organized - eg you can successfully organize events in other countries without losing track of details.
  • You work well within a remote context.

Why you might like this role

  • You will be embedded in a community of builders who are pushing the frontier on crypto-native products/protocols.
  • You will work on multi-faceted problems — for instance, building a tight-knit community that spans remote and in-person; collaborating with a wide group of people/organizations in the ecosystem; and applying the subtraction philosophy to our operational design.
  • You will design and drive impactful projects. We are building the org as a lean team of senior contributors - you will have real ownership, and will work with others who operate at a similar level.


  • Full-time position.
  • Remote, North American timezones - with regular travel for in-person events.

To apply

Please fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shr71O7q1vYicvr8I

We believe spending time together in-person is invaluable for evaluating mutual fit - so we will meet together for an irl working session as part of the process.

We look forward to hearing from you and will follow up soon!

P.S. please ping operations@zeitgeist.xyz if you have any questions.